Spirit Bear Escapes Sanctuary

Acrylic on Wood, 12x12 inches (14x14 framed)

It's a hard knock life for Clover, orphaned as a young cub and adopted by the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter. 

"He's actually got a nice gentle personality," says Artice Fleck, the zookeeper at BC Wildlife Park.

What distinguishes a sanctuary from other animal housing facilities, such as zoos, is that sanctuaries scrutinize every action to remove any human benefit at the expense of the animals.  They provide a safe place for wild creatures to live out the rest of their lives.

Kermode bears are creamy white and very rare, and Clover is the only one in captivity in the world.  "It's great for the park," says spokesman Glen Grant.

Hearing this, Clover climbed out a tiny hole in the roof of his pen.  He ran for 2 km, stopping only to eat some berries.  He would not be a commodity for these people.  He would not be their natural attraction, spared from the dangers of his home in the wild.

His Spirit was too great.

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