Skunks Raise a Stink in Vancouver

Acrylic on Wood, 12x12 inches (14x14 inches framed)

When skunks move into the neighborhood, it is almost impossible to get them to move out.  They leave their signature spray everywhere they go, and are low on the list of targets for potential prey.  Humans steer clear of them, giving them free reign over their territory. 

By manicuring lawns and excessively watering urban gardens, we offer a feast of insects for skunks to feed on.  They are not afraid to make their presence known if anyone gets too close, stamping their feet and raising their tail in warning before letting loose a spray.

"Skunks are really very docile animals and quite interesting characters," says Mike Mackintosh, wildlife services supervisor for the Vancouver park board. "If you just let them go about their business everything should be fine."

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