Oh deer! Woman Seriously Hurt

Acrylic on Wood, 12x12 inches (14x14 inches framed)

While I was working in London, England in 2010, I would often read the Canadian news to keep up with what was going on back home.  The German man who sat at the desk next to me thought it was hilarious how many of our Canadian headlines have to do with animals.  I had never really thought of it before, but I started to notice the Animal News more and more.

Most of the headlines are tongue in cheek and looking for a laugh.  A funny headline is more likely to get clicked on. But many times the articles ignore the real issues underlying the stories.  In this case, the explosion of the deer population in many communities, and the war between belief systems about how these animals should be controlled.

Should the deer be shot?  Hunted?  Captured and released?  There are often public protests when a cull is announced, but deer easily adapt to suburban living and can become aggressive, even toward the people who try to protect them.  When a woman is found in a fetal position in the driveway, being pummeled by an irate doe, we all seemed shocked that Bambi is acting like a wild animal.

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