No Hoot for Screaming Woman

Acrylic on Wood, 12x12 inches (14x14 inches framed)

A woman, jogging alone down a trail on the Richmond Dyke, is accosted by a pair of barred owls.  She runs screaming, holding her head, as the owls swoop at her again and again.  No one can hear her calls for help. 

The birds came at her like a wartime air raid.  She didn't know where to go.  She was caught!  Trapped! This painting is an ode to the raw vulnerability of a woman in the untamed forces of Nature.

Nature is more tyrannical than Man.  The news article attempts to diminish the horror and sense of madness this woman felt as she ran through the wilderness.  Birds have long been seen as agents of supernatural power, exacting their otherworldly wrath on humans.  We sense we have broken Nature's Law, and we try to stay calm even as the evidence mounts against us. 

In an interview with Alfred Hitchcock about The Birds, he said:

"Everyone took the birds for granted until the birds one day turned on them.  The birds had been shot at, eaten, put in cages.  They'd suffered everything from the humans, and it was time they turned on them.  Don't mess about or tamper with nature."

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