We call Vancouver the City of Glass, and that glass is a window to our communities.  In this city full of skyscrapers, we can look and observe the world outside, but other people can also see inside. We live in an Urban Zoo, and we gaze from one condo window into the glass enclosure of our neighbour from the safe comfort of our homes.

My idea for this project was to transfer iconic images of Vancouver’s Chinatown onto three 18x24 framed sheets of glass.  The images are semi transparent, similar to my approach for last year’s project for the Year of the Sheep.  This represents the City of Glass, and the voyeurism of an Urban Zoo, highlighting the distinct aesthetic of Vancouver’s iconic Chinatown. The frames can be hung on a wall or can be freestanding with the light streaming in, illuminating the art work like a window. The Lunarfest monkeys can surround the frame or hang on it, peering in at the pictures.

photo by Greg Massie 

I am very excited to be one of the local artists included in this year's Lunar Festival, celebrating the Year of the Monkey. My 3 pieces celebrate Chinatown and the theme of Reflections. See it at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza Feb 12, 13, 14. It will then travel to Toronto's Harbourfront Centre Feb 20, 21