Ghostbusters 2016

My day job is at Sony Imageworks where I am a digital painter for visual effects and animated movies.  I paint mostly environments that fill the background when actors perform in front of green screens.  I have spent the past 5 months working on the new Ghostbusters movie, and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of the team of digital artists that helped make this movie.

My job as an environmental texture artist has had a lot of influence on my work as a painter. I often say, I spend my days painting 3d bricks, I spend my nights painting 2d bricks. Bricks are my forté!

For Ghostbusters, I painted background buildings for a 3d version of modern day and 70's New York Times Square, which was featured in the battle sequence with the ghosts.  It involves a lot of research into what buildings actually look like, referencing high quality photos and digital archives.  We strive to build worlds that are as accurate to real life sets as possible.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Here is an article that explains how the ghost extras and characters in the movie are made. 

Great job girls! This movie is as fun to watch as it was to work on.