Happy New Year East and West

I have recently finished three pieces to celebrate the Year of the Monkey for Lunarfest.  These pieces are on the theme of Reflections in the Urban Zoo.  They are made by transferring digital paintings on to the back of glass, using a hands on, crafty technique I practised for last year's Year of the Sheep project.

"We call Vancouver the City of Glass, and that glass is a window to our communities.  In this city full of skyscrapers, we can look and observe the world outside, but other people can also see inside. We live in an Urban Zoo, and we gaze from one condo window into the glass enclosure of our neighbour from the safe comfort of our homes."

It feels like a good time to commemorate Vancouver's Chinatown as there have been many protests lately, with new developments threatening to change the character of the neighbourhood, potentially pricing out many senior residents.