Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

And I'm off! I am one of two artists representing British Columbia in the largest outdoor art fair in Canada! Come and say hi at Booth A134 from July 6-8 in Nathan Philips Square, Toronto!

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Tribute to Glow

Coming up soon at Gallery 1988, Idiot Box! This show celebrates the Golden Era of television we’ve been in for the past decade. There really has not been a better time for television, or the amount of it. Check out paintings, prints, sculptures, pins or plush, based on out favorite TV shows since 2007.

Idiot Box opens July 20 at Gallery 1988

Idiot Box opens July 20 at Gallery 1988

Here is my tribute painting to my favorite tv show, GLOW!

"Sam's Dream"  8x10 inches

"Sam's Dream"

8x10 inches

This painting will be available soon at

Art show opens July 20!

New Series

I'm working on this new series based on these trucks and vans I see around Vancouver. They look so vintage and hard edged, even tho they are modern vehicles. They are also vehicles for some interesting mobile art.

"Van Envy"  30x30 inches

"Van Envy"

30x30 inches

"Hoes Before Rose"  30x30 inches

"Hoes Before Rose"

30x30 inches

Tribute to Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The year Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out, I dressed as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween. I was 8 years old! Because it's a kids movie right? I just couldn't wait until I was older to become a cabaret star. 

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20 inches

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20 inches

Did you know that Kathleen Turner was the voice of Jessica Rabbit, but she was not credited in the film? The most iconic body in animated history was not credited with a voice. 763 other people who worked on this movie were tho, as well as her body inspiration for the animators. But not her voice.

See this painting at the 30 Years Later, a celebration of movies at Gallery1988.

Primal Fear, Modern World

Here is the first of a new series I am working on called Primal Fear, Modern World. 

Acrylic on Wood, 30x30

Acrylic on Wood, 30x30

An artist, in the world, after dark- this is what I saw. In this work I will explore themes of street art and landscape at night. The darkness is often equated with death or endings, but the night is where creativity is born. Dreams come alive in the dark, and creativity emerges from where nothing existed before. Explore the place where you do not know where you are, what you are doing, or what comes next.

 “The future is dark, which is on the whole, the best thing the future can be, I think.” -Viginia Woolf

Strong Female Characters

Just finished this painting tribute to Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett as flappers on The Lucy Show

Acrylic on Wood, 24x12 inches

Acrylic on Wood, 24x12 inches

I've been working on this dancing duo all month! They've been in constant competition with each other- one had better cheekbones! The other had more twinkle in her eye! Then one had a better haircut, then the other had a fuller smile! It was like a dance battle, but with paint. Before I knew it, the spirit of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett were jazz-handing right there on my canvas. Time to get this show on the road ladies, you're on your way to LA! Thank you @katycallsaton for this fun challenge!

Ferris Bueller and the Art Institute of Chicago

Just finished this fun commission about Ferris and friends. I love being able to explore  these iconic moments in such an artistic, static way.


sherrirogers“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Here's a fun piece I recently finished, a tribute to the Art Institute of Chicago in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
"Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a masterpiece in itself, flawlessly captures art’s ability to influence our perception of ourselves and the world around us, especially when we’re least expecting it.
Of all the wild antics Ferris and friends enact during their day off – stealing a car, dancing in a parade, faking an identity to gain access to a fancy restaurant – perhaps the most surprising, yet significant, is their stop at the Art Institute of Chicago. The scene, an ode to Hughes’ personal admiration for the museum, takes the film from feel-good teen flick to thought-provoking cinema, and establishes its place among the best museum movies of all time."
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Art Bomb

I've got some exciting news - I’m participating in an online daily art auction called

ArtBomb is an online daily auction featuring curated works of art - and I’d like to invite you to subscribe to this free service. You will get a single email each day featuring a different artwork - and mine will be among them. You can unsubscribe anytime - so no pressure. 



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Strong Female Character

featuring Sherri Rogers, Bronwyn Schuster & Mandy Tsung
OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY JAN 13 7-10pm at Hot Art Wet City

"Before that Strip Turned Blue" -Kill Bill Vol 1&2

"Money Makes People Beautiful" -Madonna Truth or Dare

"The Law is Some Tricky Shit" -Thelma & Louise

"Pink Collar Ghetto" -9 to 5

"I've Got A Sister" -Coffy

"Tonight's All About You" -Tangerine

"Tonight's All About You" -Tangerine

Eastside Culture Crawl 2016 Begins!

It's finally here! Check out all the local artists in their natural studio environments, starting Thursday the 17th at 5pm. Big thank you to the Georgia Straight for sponsoring artists in the Crawl- check out their guide here, and see my painting at William Clark Studios!

Seeing Montreal

When I was in Montreal this summer, I saw a lot of street art.  But the one that stuck with me most was the most handmade looking mural, a heartfelt effort to commemorate the many murdered and missing Indigenous women that have been lost across Canada.  This mural was painted by artists Fanny Aisha, Guko and Monk-E in July 2014. By the time I saw it on the three story building on Boulevard St-Laurent, new graffiti had embellished it. 

Montreal's Missing Justice member Monica Van Schaik sats “The whole idea about Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is that women are going missing, so they’re not here anymore. We thought it would be very powerful to put something in place so that they do have a presence, they do have a place within the city.”

Ultimately I wanted to capture this landscape and remember this cultural moment, as we start off the Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.  

Read more about the mural here.

A Summer of Painting

Here are two paintings I sweated over in my hot hot studio over the past summer months.  Both of the paintings feature color bombed buildings in Kensington Market in Toronto.

The Walls Should Talk, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches

Kensington Market Soul, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches

Kensington Market Soul, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches